Programme highlights

Placement assistance

All the students would get placement assistance and help in cracking interviews

Mock interview will be conducted those interested 

Duration : 2.5 MONTHS

Weekdays : 8 am to 10 am

Week ends: 

Saturday: 10 am to 12 Sunday: 1 pm to  3 pm


trainning material

Training Material will be provided to student module wise

Industry Experts as faculty

Instructors are having industry experience and would relate all the training to industry use case

Course Fees

Course Fee: Rs. 40,000 (Classroom)

                      Rs. 35,000 (Online live)

The fees can be paid in 3 installments

Certifications (Specialization)

Student can choose the following specialization for Industry knowledge and relevant projects.

Specialization : Banking |Retail | Fintech



Module I: Basic Python and Linear Regression

  •  Basic python and environment,Pandas,Matplotlib
  • Linear Regression

Module II: Classification and Parallel Computing

  •  Logistic Regression
  • Probability and Bayes Theorem
  • Parallel Computing [Parallel/Distributed Computing/Multithreading]

Module III: Clustering and Decision Trees


Decision Tree and random Forest 

Module IV: Unsupervised Learning and SVM

Unstructured Text 

Support Vector Machine 

Module V: Deep Learning

 Neural Network  Convolution Neural Network (Keras) - Image Classification  Recurrent Neural Network with LSTM - Build a chatbot 

Projects & Assignment

  • 3 Projects
  • 10 Assignments
  • 2 Exams 

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